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Why +1?

Reach your potential

Our Mission

Our mission is to help athletes realise their individual potential through elite basketball training, with a core focus on the crucial mental skills required for success. 

Our Story 

+1 Basketball was formally founded in 2021 due to the  overwhelming demand for group training after years of volunteer work and a desire to help impact young basketballers. We have grown from helping train just 8 athletes a term in 2021 to over 150 athletes a term in 2023 and have seen our Pythons community improve tremendously in that time period. Whether it be making their first Ones team in our Junior Program or hitting a career high percentage from 3 in our Senior Athlete branch, seeing the improvement in each and every one of our athletes is why we do what we do. Get in touch with us today so we can help you reach your fullest potential.

Elevate Your Game

Train with us

Explore +1 Basketball's comprehensive training programs, including School Holiday Camps for intensive skill-building and Weekly Academy sessions designed for both skills/concepts and shooting. Our dynamic and gamelike approach ensures personalized development, fostering a strong sense of community.

Founder & Head Coach

Nathan Morgan

Basketball Australia Performance Coach (Lvl 3)

National Performance Program Assistant 2021-2022

State/Future Development Program Coach 2018-Present

Westside Suns Programs Lead 2021-Present 

Nunawading Spectres U16 Boys Lead 

8 Years Rep Coaching experience 

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) & Bachelor of Education (Secondary) (Honours) @ Monash University

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