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Elevate Excellence

Weekly Academy 

Elevate your basketball expertise with our Weekly Academy training program, a highly sought-after program offering two specialized sessions. Our Skills/Concept Session emphasizes decision-making through gamelike drills, while our Shooting Sessions focus on perfecting form & refining the essential skill of shooting. Limited spots are available, so express your interest now for a chance to finesse your game.

Our Skills & Concepts sessions work on everything from finishing to defence, pick & roll handling to how to read a hand-off and is the main driver of development in our program. We believe that half of any skill is the decision to execute it. By placing significant emphasis on making drills as gamelike as possible, we integrate defenders wherever possible rather than mindless on-air drills vs a cone. These sessions also introduce you to the Basketball Victoria style of play to give you the best chance for success to compete in the Australian Basketball landscape. You will not find better development with such a strong sense of community anywhere.

Our Shooting Sessions work on building flawless technique and mastering the art of shooting. In today's game you can be 7ft tall or 5ft tall, but the height advantage means nothing if you can't shoot - it just means you can't play at a high level. In these intimate 1-hour sessions we teach you how to shoot with correct form and footwork in various game-like situations. Every drill is linked to a part of your shooting form and each score is tracked meticulously for analysis to promote improvement, just as we do for our professional athletes. With the vast amount of data we have collected, we are not only able to provide some bench marks for your performance level but we can also give you pointers to work towards outcomes our professional athletes achieve 

If either of these sessions interest you, please express interest here and we will get back to you should a space become available:

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